Deliver a Tantalizing Experience to Attract New Customers

Restaurants have always struggled to keep their heads above water, but these days, the challenge is steeper than ever. 

Between government restrictions, competition and diet trends, most restaurants are lucky to even make it two years before shuttering their doors and closing up shop.

Oftentimes, the food is delicious, the service is spot-on, and the décor is on point… but that’s not always enough. The secret is intelligence marketing – something very few restaurants do well.

At Alfatek Digital, we pride ourselves on being able to attract waves of clientele to any given type of restaurant, including mobile, to-go, and sit-down orders. No matter if you are a franchise, a chain, or just a singular location, we have the strategies needed to add a new wave of diners to your list of regulars as you become more profitable and improve your bottom line. 

When it comes to digital marketing, we have a proven strategy of making your food look mouthwatering and your dining experience appear second-to-none. All it takes is a few weeks deployment and you can expect to see results.

Ready to dive in and get a spike of new raving fans?


How Can Our Services Benefit Your Business?

Make Your Restaurant Visible to The Masses

People are searching for food outlets and restaurants online more than anything. We ensure that your restaurant is visible to the masses no matter when, how, or where your potential customers are. By combining various digital marketing techniques and tools into a customized strategy, we enable your customers to find you quickly.

Develop Brand Presence and Increase Your Restaurant’s traffic

Alfatek Digital launches social media marketing campaigns to boost traffic and sales for your restaurant. Based on the local data we collect, we personalize campaigns according to the tastes and preferences of your target customers. We put the right message in front of your audience at just the right time, ensuring optimal impact and conversion.

We Stand Behind the Results

Your website won’t just look great, it will perform even better. Three months after your new site launches, we’ll report on your site performance – looking at traffic, time-on-site, bounce rate, and more. We’ll show you a before and after performance chart that proves your new site drives greater results.

Looking for Inspiration?


Gion Japanese Tea house

The LA-based Japanese house shows us how the website may be helpful and informative, as it features a beautiful design with dark colors that are easy on your eyes. The menu is transferred into PDF files for those who still want to view them without downloading anything or checking in real time mode.

Visit website

Water Lion Wine Bar

The elegant and modern website for Water Lion Wine Bar in Miami Beach is designed to match the style of this classically- styled restaurant.

Visit website


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