10 Marketing trends businesses can’t ignore in 2022
10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

The marketing landscape is changing rapidly and there are certain trends that businesses can’t afford to ignore in 2022. The future of data management, for example – how it’s used by marketers both online or off-site will have a significant impact on their strategy moving forward which we’ll discuss below along with other important developments such as machine learning algorithms being incorporated into social media content creation tools designed specifically around search engine optimization (SEO) tactics .

The future is here, and it’s time for you to get ahead of the game. We’ve researched 10 major marketing trends that will be necessary in 2022 – so now Alfatek Digital team can help make sure your company isn’t left behind!

10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

1) VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), although often mixed together in one device or discussion of them, are actually two very different technologies. VR usually consists mainly with simulations that you can get immersed into; this type would be comparable to using 3D graphics for video games where there’s no physical presence involved at all aside from what we see on screen which may include movement around us as well if done right! Whereas AR uses digital information overlayring physical surroundings making it seem more real than ever before- even though everything has its own limitations.

A well-known example is Meta, which will become a successor of social media. On their website, it says: “3D spaces in the metaverse will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine.” The metaverse is a digital world that offers you the chance to explore yourself in every possible way. It’s an online haven where your possibilities are limitless, and there’ll be no end until we run out of time!

Artificial intelligence such as virtual and augmented reality may seem distant to us, but it is a digital marketing trend that will for sure dominate the future.

2)  Influencer Marketing  is Still Effective

Influencer Marketing is still a major player in the digital world. However, it’s no surprise that companies are relying heavily on short videos and influencers to promote their products online because of how iconic they can be for marketing purposes! 34% out surveyed said this was something worth paying attention too while only around 24 per cent disagreed or had no opinion about whether we should prioritize our time with these types if tactics over other things such as long form content creation.

You really don’t have to have millions of followers to become an influencer that brings value to a company. In fact, micro-influencers have grew more popular as they foster higher engagement with their community members. A micro-influencer can be defined as a person who has a higher following than the average Joe on social media, but much less than a celebrity. 

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10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

3) Content Marketing

In 2022, people are going to be more independent in their journey and they do not want the feeling that someone is trying too hard. So marketers need a smarter approach when advertising with influencers because buyers feel like there’s no pressure from “selling” anything but rather making up one’s own mind on what brand/item would work best for them based off information provided by this particular individual.

That is why influencer marketing simply works. Buyers feel like a friend is making a recommendation and they are much more likely to purchase something that their friends use. 

10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

4) Video-Based Streaming

With video marketing becoming increasingly popular in 2022, it’s important to consider what type of streaming service your target audience uses. Paid subscriptions provide access for individuals who want uninterrupted viewing experiences without any ads – but these can cost money each month! Unpaid channels allow viewers no choices about where their content comes from and are typically less polished than those with monetization tactics; they may even contain mature or adult subject matter that would not fly on paid platforms like Netflix (or Prime Video).

In the world of media, there is a new trend that you might have seen popping up recently. This service provides access to ad-supported content from streaming companies or networks via internet and it’s completely free! Another popular one in this category would be Video Game Live Streaming where gamers play video games live on their channels for others around them (like Amazon).

10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

5)  New Methods Of Teamwork

We all know that the pandemic has completely changed the way that we work. Our workplace is not a location anymore, it’s a mindset. For some that can be even more challenging. 

The days where people were content with individual achievements are over. In order to succeed, now more than ever it’s necessary for teams and collaborations between individuals who have equal skills but work in different areas or at separate companies must come together as if they were one entity – this new concept called “teamwork.” Team members should strive towards achieving goals not only by themselves but also working alongside other fungible assets that can be shared amongst those playing their part effectively throughout all stages from idea inception through execution.

10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

6) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Drive Website Traffic

This year, SEO will become even more important than ever. With privacy laws emerging and cookies being crumble by Google themselves – search engine optimization has gone from an added bonus to what business owners need if they want their company’s site ranked well in the SERPs (search engines results pages). The industry was set break $80 billion within 12 months- which is much higher than football or music sales for comparison purposes!

A good way to check your competitor’s webpage and see the words that they have used in their online content. You could see how well they rank, and then try to recreate better types of content. 

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10 Marketing trends businesses can't ignore in 2022

7) Short Video Content 

As mentioned in trend #1, short video content is going to be huge this year. Short videos are considered to be from 1-10 seconds long.

We can see those types of videos on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories, TikTok (the name is basically counting seconds), and Snapchat. Our attention span, according to Microsoft is 8 seconds. The reason why short video content is trendy is because of social media. With some brands having ads as little as 2 seconds, it is up to marketers to come up with short and sweet marketing content videos that will have a precise and clear message but with very few words. 

The world of social media is challenging. You’re constantly being bombarded with content, and it feels like you’ve seen everything before when in reality there are always new things popping up everyday across different platforms- not to mention the speed at which we scroll through our feeds!

Use these trendy trends to your advantage.
If you can’t keep up with all the changes, don’t worry! You will still be able to benefit from implementing a strategy that uses current market standards and expectations for brand image because people appreciate when brands are willing try new things in order satisfy their needs as customers grow increasingly sophisticated about what they want out of products or services.

You’re in luck! We can help you do that, just click here for more information.

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