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10 Marketing trends businesses can’t ignore in 2022

The marketing landscape is changing rapidly and there are certain trends that businesses can’t afford to ignore in 2022. The future of data management, for example – how it’s used by marketers both online or off-site will have a significant impact on their strategy moving forward which we’ll discuss below along with other important developments […]

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary: Definitions You Need To Know

Digital marketing is a complex field that utilizes specific jargon to describe different practices. For example , SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) are both forms of online advertising; web design refers broadly speaking for any project involving computer-based work such as creating websites or software applications. The most common terms you’ll […]

Vacation rental software as a business technology solution

Management of any type business can be made much simpler and more orderly with the help new technologies. Thanks to the different software that exists, it is possible to have all the information of a company centralized, as well as to save time on tasks that do not require manual work. The software is designed […]

How to redesign a website without affecting SEO

how digital channels are changing what patients expect from their doctors and why you should be using them.

What is the importance of digital marketing for business after Covid?

Indeed, COVD-19 showed us how quickly the world can change. 

Alfatek Digital has made it to the top 10

This is a proud moment for the Alfatek Digital team as we have been recognized by DesignRush and placed in their list of Top 10 Miami Digital Marketing Agencies.

Can a business benefit from digital marketing?

Computerized promoting helps organizations of all sizes by permitting them to arrive at countless individuals for a minimal price.

Instructions to Implement Privacy by Design for Business

One day you’re thinking the best way to deal with ensuring your clients feel, yet additionally are protected is totally fine.

How to convert your physical business to a digital one

We need to be ready to adapt ourselves, as our companies to a digitalization.

UI Trends 2021: Top 10 Trends Your Users Will Love

The excursion that began in 2020 was really not unsurprising because of the Covid worldwide circumstance.

3 Essential Elements in Creating a Medical Website that Converts

Conversion Rate: What a 1% increase in website conversion can do for your medical practice.

Where To Start Your Digital Transformation?

Advanced change achievement relies upon an undertaking’s capacity to carry out and coordinate computerized channels into its environment.

The Digital Channels agencies Need to Use

A roundup of the channels to tap to make sure you’re winning at Google search.

The Digital Channels Medical Practices Need to Use

how digital channels are changing what patients expect from their doctors and why you should be using them.

Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate

Content marketing is a perfect way to improve your company’s online presence and get the word out about your listings.

7 Ways to Convert Lead Into Client

The ultimate goal of every real estate professional is to convert a lead into a client.

5 Hospitality Industry Website Features That Convert Clients

Use your website to convert leads with these hospitality marketing tactics.

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