Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?
Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

It’s a tough pill to swallow when you’re running an independent home service business and trying your best not just for ranking on the first page, but also to make sales.

Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

One of the best ways to compete in local Google search and dominate engines is by ranking high up on their map pack. The three-pack accounts for thirty-forty percent clicks, so it’s imperative that your business gets added or listed with a correct address (or Business Profile) if you want people searching online to find where they need to go!

Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

The advantages of being local are clear when considering how many people will know about your business and rely on it. This means that if something goes wrong, they’ve got more opportunities for help from someone in their community!

Google Maps is the number one way to find information about businesses in your area. If you’re an entrepreneur with a contracting company, ranking on this map means that potential customers will be able to easily discover and contact any of their providers–from plumbers or electricians right down to car wash liquids!

When people need services, they turn to the internet. But when it comes down right now and you don’t know what your options are or how much anything costs-the feeling is enough like being lost at sea without any signal from shore that can help us find our way back home again!

We’re in this together: consumers who conduct local searches contact businesses within 24 hours seventy-six percent of those searches result in service purchases whereas twenty-eight percent do not because many times we just want answers RIGHT NOW–this applies equally as much.

Picture the Following Situation.

As it’s 95 degrees outside, you don’t want to be stuck in a hot living room with no A/C. So what do most people do? They pull out their smartphones and search “An AC company near me.” If you spot an establishment on the map pack at the top Google Search page; then simply click call for help!

Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

Google has made it easier than ever to find local businesses. The nature of the home services industry is that you solve consumers’ problems, and these issues often come up in time-sensitive ways! So what’s the key to success? Google Business Profile visibility – make sure your customers can easily reach out by clicking on “Visit Your Site” or calling this number right now (insert contact info).

Here are a Few Tips on Getting Your Contracting Business to Rank in Google Maps.

1. Claim and Optimize your Google Business Profile Listing.

You should claim and verify all of your physical locations. Make sure that the GMBListing for each location is optimized correctly with keywords, proximity information as well as NAP consistency (name/address phone number).

2. Get More Online Reviews and Respond to Them.

The internet is a powerful tool when it comes to getting your business noticed. Online reviews can make or break the success rate for any company looking into using them as proof that they offer quality services and products with excellent customer care in return!

When your technicians complete a job well done, encourage them to ask for reviews. You can also send customers satisfaction surveys conveniently linked from their GMB listing or integrate an automated review solicitation program into back-office software so that it is easily accessible and constantly busy with requests!

Reviews are an important part of the customer experience. Make sure you respond quickly and professionally when someone leaves feedback for your business – it could be just what they need! Check out Google’s My Business Help page with helpful tips on how to read these reviews, as well as ways that might stem their negative comments or keep them happy overall by fixing any issues before they start posting complaints in earnest.

Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

3. Create Location-Specific Service Pages on Your Website.

There are many ways to market your company, but one of the best is by creating pages on an online platform that speak directly to customers in specific markets. For example, if you serve greater Atlanta and parts outside metro areas like Sandy Springs for instance then build out different versions or content tailored specifically towards those communities so they can find what’s right for them!

When a potential customer searches for your services in that location, Google will serve you up as an option.



  Ranking in the Map-Pack Takes Work but Pays Dividends.

In the world of competitive games, ranking on a map pack is like being at the top — there’s only one spot for you and your competitors. To get there though can take time as it’ll depend entirely upon how much work goes into getting better over many years or months before finally taking home that coveted position in front!

In this day and age, if you want to be successful then it’s important that your website reflects the same. Although there are many other factors involved in getting found by potential customers online- such as content optimization or keyword research – one thing which cannot hurt is ensuring a professional tone of voice when communicating with them through social media channels like Facebook Messenger!

You can’t afford to let your competition dominate the market. Make them card their services out by making it easy for customers and giving you a hand when need be, or hire us at Alfatek Digital! Our team specializes in Home Services- contact us if this sounds like something that would interest both parties involved.

Is Your Contracting Business Ranking in Google Maps?

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