Build Trust, Expand Reach and Stimulate Growth of Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry is competitive, complex, and full of jargon that needs to be deconstructed for layman consumption. Because the hard truth is that if your audience doesn’t understand, there’s a zero percent chance that they’ll buy. 

Healthcare and medical device companies commit this sin often: they spend meticulous years in research and development, pass all the safety hurdles, but falter when it comes time to actually communicate to the market.

In the medical field, you need to explain while you sell, and the tone needs to be professional and persuasive at the same time to build credibility and trust. 

At Alfatek Digital, we specialize in building a web presence for healthcare companies that’s clean and concise without feeling sterile. From medical devices to clinics to medicine, our track record covers all sorts of sectors of healthcare – both domestic and international.

Some of our specific services that cater to healthcare companies include cold lead generation via digital advertising (leveraging social media), search engine optimization for improved exposure and traffic, and web design that astutely fits the brand, vibe, and clientele that our healthcare clients are aiming for.

Convey your products and services with integrity and professionalism, and reach more people than ever before. 


The ALFATEK Difference

Get the Attention of the Patients You Want

As an established digital marketing company, we work with you to create an effective marketing strategy designed to attract the right clients, at the right time. We actively manage your digital marketing campaigns to give you maximum return on your investment. This boosts conversions, sales, and lowers your overall marketing costs.

Become a Trusted Healthcare Partner

The reputation of a healthcare or medical facility is of critical importance when making a decision. While searching for a healthcare or medical facility, patients want to be confident about its reputation. We work on making your practice, clinic or facility a trusted healthcare partner for your target patients through our robust reputation management.

Consistency across All Channels

In today's highly competitive medical and healthcare marketplace, you need to focus on a consistent tone and focused message across all channels. Our robust healthcare and medical digital marketing services give a consistent style and help you deliver a focused message across all channels. This gives a sense of continuity to your patients even when they're opting for your different practice areas or specialties.

Looking for Inspiration?


Noho Dental Group Website

Designed as one-of-a kind, this site is a perfect example of how to make your dental practice stand out. Not only does it provide information about services but also incorporates high quality images that are both aesthetically appealing while being informative at the same time!

Visit website

Deep Beauty

The website that we created for Deep Beauty cosmetological clinic in Miami is beautiful and informative. The design of the site has a modern look to it, which makes using this web much easier than other sites because your eyes are drawn right into what you're looking at instead if having difficulty finding certain information on an unorganized page.

Visit website


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