3 Essential Elements in Creating a Medical Website that Converts
11.20.2021 Web Design
October 20, 2021
3 Essential Elements in Creating a Medical Website that Converts

Conversion Rate: What a 1% increase in website conversion can do for your medical practice.

Increasing your website’s conversion rate by just 1% can lead to a huge increase in revenue.

Each of these elements is essential for increasing traffic, user experience and ultimately how many people convert on the site which means if any one element isn’t there then you’re losing out financially!

Let’s take a look at the three most essential elements in creating a medical website that not only drives traffic but also converts website visitors into paying customers.

1) User Experience (UX)

Great design alone can’t carry a website, the overall user experience will make or break it. Once you have your visitors attention and they land on your site-that’s when the line between keeping them engaged vs losing their interest becomes razor thin! The thing about today’s users is that we all deserve an internet connection so fast there are no delays. We expect this type of responsiveness from any application running in our browsers; not only should websites meet these expectations but exceed them because people spend more time browsing than searching nowadays thanks to smartphones.

Your website is not just a way to advertise your business, but also an interactive experience for the visitors. Make sure all clickable buttons react when hovered over and forms have that “blinking line” which means they are clicked into properly so you don’t end up with frustrated callers on hold!

Medical websites should have a friendly and engaging tone of voice.

2) Content

We can’t forget to make sure we’re providing visitors with all the information needed to learn about us, our people and services. It’s also important that there be plenty of doctor updates as well as any special pricing or events happening in clinic! Make sure your contact info is correct up-to date so it will never go unnoticed again.

With nearly 50% of new patients searching for information on specific doctors or providers before scheduling an appointment, it is critical that your medical website has all the relevant contact details and a photo. Seeing someone’s face helps potential clients build trust in you as well as make them more comfortable with how we can help their needs!

The best way to provide your medical website is with a page dedicated for each service or procedure you offer. The rich information on this page should answer any questions asked by potential patients, as well include keywords that will help them find what they’re looking for in case there’s anything else about their condition which needs attention – from common symptoms and treatments into more specific info such as surgical procedures done via general anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt during the process.

3) Trust Factors

Patients are often seeking a more personal experience with their healthcare providers and it’s important that you shine through on every detail. We live in an era where people want to trust what they’re seeing, hearing or feeling before making big decisions online – so when someone goes looking for answers about how happy we make them feel at our practice website then those reviews will really help out!

People also have many questions right from the start which means having all possible resources available helps show off not just who can be trusted but why this place deserves such high marks too: patient testimonials detailing successful procedures; certifications by other doctors including specialty related board exams.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your next website, or contact with us anytime for more information!

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